With access to exceptional technology and state of the art facilities, we have created seamless doctor-to-patient-to-pharmacy communication while efficiently generating key metrics providing greater cost efficiencies for you and your patients. Our turnkey solutions cover all aspects of your fulfillment needs with the ability to extend further into a fully automated Telehealth experience.

State of The Art Pharmacy Solutions

Prescription Fulfillment

We have state of the art Rx fulfillment utilizing software and intelligent automation allowing scalability and precision. We offer a flat fee fulfillment model of compounded and commercial prescription medications that can be white labeled for your specific health brand.

Products are fulfilled on a dedicated fulfillment module that is specific your brand’s needs. Compounding of medications is performed in cleanroom environments in accordance with USP 795 and USP 800 guidelines to provide quality products which can be scaled.

Our goals is to provide you with all solutions you need from the day you start through the day you reach large numbers. With The Pharmacy Hub, clients will not need to look for a bigger fulfillment partner once their volume increases.

Top pharmacy experts

Our team of experts has extensive experience in mail order, PBM services, retail pharmacy, compounding, formulation development, software services, leadership, and more. Our pharmacists have all positioned our company for growth, advancement and innovation.

We are currently focused on contributing to the new landscape of the Telehealth ecosystem and fulfillment by creating the building blocks which allow other healthcare experts to contribute to the advancement of the Telehealth sector. This approach improves patient care and leads to more interventions with optimized treatments to improve the overall healthcare system.

Research & development

Our clinical team offers compounded formulation development and validations of specific formulas in accordance with guidelines for federal and state law regulations. Products our validated, records are maintained and provided to our partners for proper compliance. Specific pack outs and shipping of products are also researched and validated to make sure your patients receive a product that is safe and effective. We work closely with our shipping partners to provide studies and validations of shipped products.


The Pharmacy Hub has state of the art facilities with cleanroom laboratories and automated technology which is optimized to provide you with efficient and safe fulfillment for commercial and compounded products. Our efficient fulfillment modules and strategic locations near major shipping hubs allow us to process your orders which are sent to our facility towards the end of that same day. This allows us to provide you with a later cutoff time for your orders.

Our flagship location in Miami, Florida is open for showings. We welcome you to come tour the facility and visit with us so you physically understand and contribute to the process of your product’s fulfillment.

Legitscript certification

We are a LegitScript certified pharmacy, enabling us to support LegitScript certified platforms and telehealth companies. We ensure fulfillment in compliance with LegitScript requirements.

Direct to consumer

We are Bridging the gap for digital healthcare companies, brick and mortar healthcare companies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide a basic fulfillment, or 3PL dropship type fulfillment of prescription medications direct to consumers. Processes and packaging are researched, evaluated and validated to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the prescription products that are being delivered to your patients. Our fulfillment model is constantly tested and updated in order to meet your needs as well as the patients. Our contribution to the healthcare ecosystem is one that provides transparency, cost saving, innovative products, increased access to treatments, and partnerships with like minded healthcare affiliates who can move medicine forward. Our established ecosystem allows partners who may not have been able to launch their products in the past to do so today.

From launching your business
to large scale fulfillment,
we have you covered.

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Power in the Numbers

Our reach is far and wide, with licensed dedicated pharmacies fulfilling your RX needs in all 50 states.

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Compounded Medications
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Frequently Asked Questions

We work with telehealth companies and medical facilities to fulfill orders for their clients.  If you are a healthcare entity and would like to work with us simply reach out to us through our contact us page.

We currently dispense FDA approved commercially available medications and non-sterile compounded medications.

Yes, we dispense branded medications.

No, we do not accept any insurance plans.  We dispense medications and bill the telehealth or healthcare entity directly.

We offer a fulfillment service of prescription products supported by technology and smart automation for a flat dispense fee to healthcare companies.

We also work with clinics to provide them with medications at wholesale prices.

Yes, we ship refrigerated items.

Yes, we offer medications for most types of conditions.

Yes, we offer white label services.

Yes, we accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express

Medications can be billed based on the contractual agreement with our company.  We do offer 3 PL services where we can order medications to store and dispense from our licensed facility.

Yes, we have the ability to integrate with all telehealth platforms and EMRs.