What separates us from others is our high performing fulfillment center with the fastest fulfillment time and technological solutions for our partners to simplify the prescribing and dispensing process.

State of The Art Telehealth Solutions

Custom Physician EMR

Enterprise API

Launch and scale your complete custom Telehealth platform from end to end. This includes a customizable patient questionnaire and intake form integrated with a 50 licensed doctor’s network and pharmacy for prescription management and fulfillment. Combined with our white label web design and legitscript certification services your virtual health brand can be launched within weeks. Our solutions support the prescribing of commercially available medications and approved compounded medications via surescripts from our pharmacy network. Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to find out more about launching your Telehealth Brand.

Custom Physician EMR

Our technical team has the ability to create seamless and customized API integration in a timely manner. Our real time API is designed to enable communication between EMR/EHR systems and mail order fulfillment pharmacies. The API works in conjunction with Surescripts for the purpose of providing additional patient information, querying the status of a fulfillment, initiating refills, and cancelling orders in progress.

The methods in this API are intended to provide additional patient information that are not part of the Surescripts prescriptions. There are two parts to the specifications. The first part is the structure of specification which is a high level description of when calls need to be made and use cases. The second part is the low level detail of method calls and fields.

Shipment tracking

Our partnership with our shipping carriers allows us to offer our partners efficient shipping solutions at discounted rates. Our partners will have the option to utilize our shipping account or use their own. Through our seamless integrations partners can receive shipment and tracking information to track or share with their patients.

Pack-out development and validation is another service offered by The Pharmacy Hub to ensure that all shipments are streamlined to reflect the brand’s specific image and goal. Studies are conducted to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products received by patients.

Billing & revenue

Telehealth partners with qualified volume are billed based on a transparent flat fee model where we pass the cost of the medications directly to the client without adding any markups. You are billed according to the mutually agreed upon fulfillment agreement which is executed between both parties.

You also have the option to take advantage of our 3PL services where products are purchased from vendors and stocked in our facility in a dedicated space. In this scenario, you can negotiate directly with suppliers to purchase medications through our licensed facility allowing you to save on bulk purchases. Our software solutions allow you to maintain your inventory and set reordering points. This works with utilizing our company for fulfillment of commercial prescription products because it allows you to lock in inventory and cost of goods for a longer period of time.

Ready to market

A true turnkey experience covers all the bases, which is why we provide solutions to help launch and/or further market your company. Whether you need e-commerce, packaging design, social media, 360 branding & identity (print & digital), our marketing department uses a hands-on analytical approach and is well versed in the Telehealth space. We know how important story telling is to captivate your audience and retain loyal patients who feel empowered to advocate for your product. A strong cohesive brand never goes un-noticed or forgotten.

Pharmacy fulfilment

State of the art Rx fulfillment utilizing software and intelligent automation allowing scalability and precision in fulfillment. We offer a flat fee fulfillment model of compounded and commercial prescription medications that can be white labeled for a specific health brand.

Products are fulfilled on a dedicated fulfillment module that is specific to the needs of our partner. Compounding of medications is performed in cleanroom environment in accordance with USP 795 and USP 800 guidelines to provide quality products that can also be scaled.

Our goals is to provide our partners with all the solutions they need from the day the start until the day they reach large numbers, with The Pharmacy Hub clients will not need to look for a bigger fulfillment partner once their volume increases.

Quality Software focuses on Making Your Business Easier and More Efficient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work with telehealth companies and medical facilities to fulfill orders for their clients.  If you are a healthcare entity and would like to work with us simply reach out to us through our contact us page.

We currently dispense FDA approved commercially available medications and non-sterile compounded medications.

Yes, we dispense branded medications.

No, we do not accept any insurance plans.  We dispense medications and bill the telehealth or healthcare entity directly.

We offer a fulfillment service of prescription products supported by technology and smart automation for a flat dispense fee to healthcare companies.

We also work with clinics to provide them with medications at wholesale prices.

Yes, we ship refrigerated items.

Yes, we offer medications for most types of conditions.

Yes, we offer white label services.

Yes, we accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express

Medications can be billed based on the contractual agreement with our company.  We do offer 3 PL services where we can order medications to store and dispense from our licensed facility.

Yes, we have the ability to integrate with all telehealth platforms and EMRs.